Mike adiuk and Ian Waterer B Atikokan Bass Classic, Mike Badiuk (Fort Frances) and Ian Waterer (Kenora) claimed the title over home town favourites Jared and Cody Wood. Their margin of victory was one-twentieth (0.05) of a pound, 45.31 to 45.26. The final weigh-in was a nail biter all the way. Chris Warren and Chris Horde led the pack (39.76 lbs) .... n the closest finish in the forty-five runnings of the I Introducing the 2023 Champions 2024 Tourney Date: Friday, Aug. 16 and Saturday Aug.17

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Category 202 Top Twenty Prize Awards 3 Value Place Finish $ 7,000 Place Finish $ 5,000 Place Finish $ 4,000 Place Finish $ 3,000 Place Finish $ 2,500 Place Finish $ 2,000 Place Finish $ 1,500 Place Finish $ 1,300 Place Finish $ 1,100 Place Finish $ 1,000 Place Finish $ 950 Place Finish $ 900 Place Finish $ 850 Place Finish $ 800 Place Finish $ 750 Place Finish $ 700 Place Finish $ 650 Place Finish $ 600 Place Finish $ 550 Place Finish $ 500 500 Prize Table $ 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th 5 th 6 th 7 th 8 th 9 th 10 th 11 th 12 th 13 th 14 th 15 th 16 th 17 th 18 th 19 th 20 th Category Value Parent and Child* $ 800 Grandfather/G. Child* $ 800 $ 800 Male/Female Team $ 800 Hidden Wt Day one $ 500 Hidden Wt Day Two $ 500 Big Fish Day One $ 500 Big Fish Day Two $ 400 Young Angler Award $ $ 200 5 00 “Hit the Weight” Prize “Hit the Weight” Prize $ 500 All Women's Team Top Wt Flight 4 Day 1 Top Wt Flight 4 Day 2 $ $ 500 500 * Children 15 years old and younger Category More Generous Sponsors Value $ Vol. Thank You BBQ Kids' Fishing Tourney Family Events $ $ 6 00 2,000 Adult Scavenger Hunt $ Parade of Boats $ Teddy Bears’ Picnic Vol. Thank You BBQ Oldest Boat $ $ $ 100 500 “Funnest” Team Prizes

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$800.00 Parent and Child under 16 $800.00 $800.00 Male and Female team $500.00 Hidden Weight Day Two $400.00 Big Fish Day One 6. 4 lbs 6 $400.00 Big Fish Day Two 5.67 $200.00 Young Angler Award under 16 Jamie Eluik $500.00 Top Weight Day 1 Flight 4 $500.00 Top Weight Day 2 Flight 4 Mystery Weight $500.00 Jamie & Nicholas Eluik All Women's Team Cathy Dayman & Jasmine Farmer Jody Loew & Shania Loew Blake and Ange Goodwin Trevor Zimak & Travis Schallock Chris Horde & Chris Warren Bryan Gustafson & Jon Austin Terry Allan & Bob Calder Ryan & Nathan Bryk

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Big Bass 6.03 pounds

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